The Clear Choice for a Travel Toiletry Bag that meets TSA Rules

Introducing the ultimate solution for trendy travel in an era of heightened security. Breeze through check-in with the Clear Bag System™ toiletry case compliant with all US and Canadian airport regulations.


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The Clear Bag System Travel Toiletry Bag makes it easy to travel on airplanes, to the gym, in the car or anywhere else you want to go. Specifically designed to meet TSA rules for liquids and gels, these luxury travel bags are the ultimate solution for trendy travel in an era of heightened security. Don't leave your essentials (or your favorite products) behind... go with the clear choice for cleanliness, convenience and style.

  • Breeze through check-in with a clear travel toiletry bag compliant with all TSA Rules and Canadian airport regulations.
  • Don't deprive yourself of your favorite products just because you're traveling on getting on a plane.
  • Benefit from refillable, airless pumps to ensure no mess, no stress, no problem.
  • Just pack and go!

As seen in CondeNast Portfolio, Health Magazine,, New York's Times Square - the Clear Bag System™ travel toiletry bag is a must have for today's traveler. It meets all TSA Rules to get through airport security lines without hassle. Plus, it looks great going down the conveyor belt and keeps your personal items private. This luxury travel bag is the perfect accessory for frequent flyers, new moms, gym enthusiasts, vacation travelers or anyone who experiences life on the go. Try one now!

"Because I never check a bag, I cannot imagine traveling without the Clear Bag System™. Now I carry my favorite, trusted hair and skin care products with me everywhere I go, secure in knowing that I am TSA-compliant. No more torn, faded plastic bags that seem to disintegrate just as I reach the TSA agent! No more settling for whatever products are available in trial sizes, either. From New York, to San Francisco, to London, and back again – a typical month for me – my 311 bag is a travel necessity."

Suzanne Goss, Senior Vice President of Y Brand; NY, NY

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Clear Bag System™ Fully-Complies with TSA and CATSA carry-on regulations
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